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The islands of Cres and Losinj are well known for their beautiful and jagged coastline with numerous bays that provide guests many opportunities to engage in active holidays in idyllic countryside. One of the favorite leisure activities on a vacation is of course taking a an excursion to visit local cultural sites, natural landcsapes and interesting local spots. Naturist camp Baldarin is an excellent point of departure for a variety of trips and new adventures.

The beaches on the southern part of Cres will simply leave you breathless. Pebbly, sandy, stony, it's up to you to choose. In the camp there are two large and several smaller pebbly beaches. The first beach in the bay of Bokinić is ideal for lovers of active holidays. Near the beach there are tennis courts, beach volleyball, basketball and football, and you can rent a boat. Another pebbly beach is located near Lučica bay where there is also a restaurant.

Excursions by foot or bicyle

Outside the camp go for a walk on one of the many island walkways, of which there are in total over 220 km in the archipelago. Definitely one of the most attractive routes is the one to the hill at Osoršćica. After a one hour walk from Osor, you will not regret it, it gives you a unique view of the whole of the Cres-Losinj archipelago.

With over 220 km of promenades and footpaths Cres & Lošinj archipelago is one to choose if you are into discovering landmarks by foot or bicycle.

Here is a little help for starting exploring by foot & bicycle »

Excursions by boat 

Since, if you decide to visit campsite Baldarin, you'll be on an island, boat excursions are something inevitable. Whether you want to go on organized excursions, or you own your boat, there is plenty of choice.

From campsite Baldarin there are boat transfers to Mali Lošinj city centre twice a day. There are also organized dolphin watching tours and excursions to surrounding islands right from the Bokinić bay. 

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For more water-based tours on both islands of Cres & Lošinj info read here »

Apoxyomenos - a 2000 year old antique statue! Don’t miss it!

While staying at Camp Baldarin, if you are culture lover, make sure to visit the Museum of Apoxyomenos, opened in April 2016. The museum is dedicated to the statue of Apoxyomenos, an ancient Greek athlete and is located in Mali Losinj city centre.

Read more about the Apoxyomenos statue »

Camping cum cane project

After the successful implementation of the Camping Cum Cane project (Camping with Dogs) in our other group campsites, the project is now available in Camp Baldarin from 2019. The main goal of the project is to provide a harmonious environment for guests with pets as well as for guests without pets. The project includes provision of dog beaches, as well as a dog running area with a trainer on hand, at no charge, twice a week. 

You can read more about the project here: cccbaldarin-eng.pdf

Sport and entertainment

Play some tennis, a round of mini golf, soccer or basketball – forget about your daily routine by having an active camping holiday at camp Baldarin.

An extensive range of sporting activities

  • A beach volley court
  • 2 tennis courts (clay)
  • A soccer court
  • A mini golf course
  • Basketball
  • 2 children's playgrounds (in Bokinić bay and Lučica bay)
  • Table tennis
  • Scuba diving, in Nerezine, 20 km away.

Rent a kayak, pedal boat or boat right next to the beach and set off on a new adventure. Discover the jagged  coastline, visit the beautiful Veli žal and Meli pebble beaches, or simply pick one of the many isolated beaches and find peace and an ideal place to relax in exciting natural surroundings.

Children will surely love the children’s park with playing equipment located near the sport facilities. While you are playing tennis or beach volley, the little ones can have fun on the swings or the carousel. In other part of the campsite, near Lučica beach there is another children’s playground, where most of the children’s entertainment takes place.

Children's entertainment

Here you can see weekly entertainment program in campsite Baldarin for 2023 ».

Beaches and beach facilities

If you are looking for unspoilt natural surroundings on your vacation, where noise and crowds are unknown, naturist camp Baldarin is the ideal place for you. Camp Baldarin features a rocky beach with picturesque sandy areas from which you can dive into the crystal-clear Adriatic, and with any luck meet one of the dolphins that inhabit these waters.

Since the campsite is located on the shore next to the sea, there are plenty of options to choose. Read more »  

If beaches in the campsite and close to the campsite are not enough you can explore other beaches on the island of Cres and island of Lošinj.

Massage treatments

Located between Baldarin Bay and Bokinić Bay, Naturist Camp Baldarin is an ideal place to relax and enjoy a massage.

Soothing, relaxing and therapeutic ...

It is a well known fact that massage is one of the oldest treatments. Touch is the essence of massage, touch provides security and satisfaction and returns living energy. It tells us we are not alone and we use it to express our emotions and relieve pain.

Everyone needs to escape from the daily routine and relax. Headaches, cramps and other conditions can be soothed by a massage. A massage is an ideal choice and reward for the wellbeing of your body and soul.

Massage stimulates and relieves tension, it makes your skin younger, softer and brighter. Relax with an essential oil massage –therapeutic preparations will help you feel the power of natural ingredients.

Massages are available at the entrance to the naturist part of the camp, on the left within the modern, well  designed and equipped clinic. Try our masseurs’ certified and trustworthy hands.


If you are interested in trying out any of these options then just ask at our reception for more information.

Sea excursions:

  • Pirate Cruise – boat trip to islands of Susak & Ilovik – start from Mali Lošinj
  • Susak & Srakane – boat trip to island of Susak and Srakane – start from Mali Lošinj
  • Picnic  Veli Lošinj – boat trip to Orjule archipelago and island of Ilovik – start from Veli Lošinj
  • Panorama by boat – sunset boat trip with gimmick of the dolphins and waves (there is no guarantee of meeting with the dolphins) – start from Veli Lošinj
  • Ilovik & Orjule – boat trip to islands of Ilovik & Orjule – start from Mali Lošinj
  • Dolphin watching tours – one of the most popular excursions on the island, organized by Blue world Institute – start from Veli Lošinj
  • Cres Outdoor Center – guided kayak tours to surrounding beaches
  • Skippin Pebble – custom made and organized tours for up to 8 people – guided

Land – based excursions:

Adrenalin excursions:


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