What attracts naturists to Croatia is its long tradition of naturist camping together with its natural and beautiful landscapes including the magnificent Adriatic Sea and its 1244 islands and islets with numerous isolated beaches, ideal for naturists. One of the baselines of naturism is the fact that naturists blend in with nature and Croatia and Naturist Camp Baldarin make the best destination for this.

Naturist camping accommodation

Naturist Camp Baldarin provides superior camping accommodation services on beautiful plots, modernised and well equipped sanitary facilities and many other amenities. If we add the friendly and helpful camping staff to this, Baldarin is the ideal naturist camping holiday destination in Croatia.

'Free body culture' (FKK)

Naturism in Croatia dates back to the 1940s – with a tradition of over 70 years, Croatia has become one of the leading naturist destinations in Europe. The real naturist camping boom began in the mid 1960s when the first naturist associations were established and naturism was promoted in Europe. Croatia’s tradition as a naturist destination is confirmed by the fact that it has the third largest naturist camping capacities in Europe.

FKK is the acronym for the German term 'Frei Körper Kultur', which means free body culture. Original naturists combine freedom of body with nature, thus enjoying the essence of free and relaxed camping. Naturists simply know how to treat nature, a camp and other campers. Naturists feel comfortable with Croatian camping and the locals are very tolerant toward them because naturism has been present in Croatia for years. There are presently 14 naturist camps in Croatia. They include Naturist Camp Baldarin, one of the oldest naturist camps in the Adriatic with a naturist camping tradition of over 60 years.

Relax by the sea

In addition to camps, there are naturist beaches in Croatia. Croatia has a total of 30 naturist camps and beaches. Beside the official public beaches and beaches within naturist camps, there are many other beaches across the Adriatic coast known to be intended for naturists, but not formally naturist. The Croatian coast also features many 'hidden' and less known beaches and bays, so everyone will surely find something they like.

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