2 kilometres of beach to explore

The jagged coast measuring in excess of 2 km is mostly rocky, with cleared access to the beach. At the very entrance to the camp is the pebbly Bokinić Beach, ideal for swimming and children’s games. Whilst the children are swimming, you can either join them or watch them from Bokinić Beach Bar right by the beach.

Next to Bokinić Beach is a children’s playground with sand and a sports center, so it’s up to you to decide whether you would like to relax with a game of tennis, beach volley, soccer or some other activity.

There is another pebbly beach in the naturist part of the campsite at the far end of the camp, with a children’s playground and Restaurant Lučica where you can enjoy numerous seafood delicacies.

You simply must visit the cave in the naturist part of the camp with an improved beach – an ideal spot for relaxation and listening to the unforgettable murmurs of the sea.

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All beaches have cleared access to the sea and are enclosed by a safety line, while sailors can use an organized vessel-lowering area.

Considering the jagged coastline and numerous isolated beaches, pick your own spot for swimming and sunbathing.

Set off on an excursion not far from the camp and visit Pet prstiju (Five Fingers), five pebbly bays, Meli being the largest, an ideal place to escape from civilization, become one with nature and enjoy its thrills.

Visit Veli žal opposite Bokinić Bay, an improved beach some five hundred meters long, providing a view of the better part of the island of Lošinj. Right next to the beach is a lighthouse, an ideal place for sightseeing and strolling.

If your ideal holiday includes naturally preserved surroundings where noise and crowds are non-existent, Naturist Camp Baldarin is the ideal place for you.

 A rocky beach with picturesque pebbly beaches from where you can dive into the crystal clear sea or, with some luck, run into some dolphins inhabiting our waters.

 The beaches surrounded by centuries-old Mediterranean forest, with exceptional air purity and quality, are a true wonder for nature and sea enthusiasts.

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