Eocamping Project Award

Ecological conservation is a very important issue for many campers, and as a consequence Baldarin camp decided some time ago to move towards obtaining one of the most respected eco-certifications in the campsite world – EcoCamping. 

Since 2015 Naturist Camp Baldarin has been the proud recipient of this  award - one of only a handful of Croatian campsite's to achieve the required standard - and testifying to the camp's commitment to high quality social and economic sustainability. 

The EcoCamping project was started in 2000 and created by conducting a survey in cooperation with campers.  The aim of the research was to collect the opinions of guests about equipment and facilities in the campsite relating to many aspects of environmental protection. These included efforts made by the campsite to improving and preserving the environment and nature, as well as the safety and quality of the camp.  Using environmentally-friendly technology and saving energy is clearly very important to many of the research respondents as campers need energy to make the most of their holiday!

Baldarin’s enviormental care

Baldarin Naturist Camp has implemented numerous environmentally innovations to improve ecological sustainability such as the construction of waste water purifiers (phase 1 - construction 2013, phase 2 - planned in 2018); the construction of new and re-construction of existing sanitary facilities; the introductionof electric vehicles;implemnetation of various energy saving measures; the introduction of Glamping-eco tents; daily environmental maintenance; horticulture care; waste sorting;, and offering local, indigenous and local products to the hospitality industry.

Additionally and specially for environmentally aware children, the camp has introduced many ecologically related activities, outdoor sports and recreation, together with workshops and entertainment designed for all ages.