About Naturist Camp Baldarin

For almost 50 years, naturist camp Baldarin has been creating memorable holiday camping experiences for its guests.
Beautiful, peaceful, comfortable, reliable, memorable

Our staff and management continuously focus on reinforcing the camp's natural assets - its beautiful natural surroundings; the archaeological richness of the surrounding region; and the peaceful aura that the camp's location provides.

This has been accomplished by creating a sense of belonging to the Baldarin family, a feeling that most of our guests inevitably develop during their stay with us, which is complemented by absolute discretion - a mandatory requirement for a successful naturist camp.

Our history & location

The campsite was established in 1966 by Jadranka d.d., and is now owned through their subsidiary operating company Jadranka Turizam d.d.o. At that time the site had previously consisted of olive groves, pine forests and meadows on which was located a children's camp and a small naturist club.

Today the camp and its coastline occupies around 20 hectares surrounded by holly oak and evergreen Mediterranean foliage populated with deer and other wild animals, and of course the sea, populated with seagulls and dolphins. Close to the town of Punta Križa, the camp is positioned in the extreme south of the island of Cres.

The southern end of Cres looks like a hand with fingers. Camp Baldarin is located on the second finger to the west, starting on the east side of Jadrišćica harbour and ending at the beginning of the western side of the bay of Baldarin. The camp's entrance and reception area are in Bokinić bay.

Our guests and what they think about us

Over 13,000 people choose camp Baldarin every year as their camping destination, staying on average around 10 nights at the camp. Of these, more than 55% return to stay with us from one year to the next.

A favourite memory of our staff is the story of a group of younger guests from Slovenia, who after staying with us several times, decided to have a change and visit Dalmatia for their next holiday. They told us that they had decided that only pensioners went to the same holiday destination year after year and wanted to change their habit ... they very quickly returned to camp Baldarin explaining that while in Dalmatia all they could think about were their fond memories of camp Baldarin! This is just one example of the Baldarin family ethos - read what other guests have said about us on our Camp Guestbook pages.

Our staff

Camp Baldarin employs around 45 permanent and seasonal staff, managed by Flavio Matesić. Flavio has been Baldarin's Campsite Director for 11 years and has over 30 years experience in the hospitality industry. As he says himself, during the holiday season he does not have too much spare time to pursue his interests as he is too busy managing the camp, but when he can, he enjoys travelling, socialising, music, the internet and a glass of good wine with friends!

Our future

As a successful holiday destination, the team at Camp Baldarin are not happy to rest on their laurels. Continuous improvements to the camp and its facilities are an integral part of the camp's focus and in-line with guest feedback. Several initiatives are being planned for the future including a special emphasis on ecological upgrades, as well as many additional enhancements to accommodation and customer service.

We look forward to welcoming you to the naturist camp Baldarin family soon ... explore our website, find out more about our campsite and then why not send us a booking request?