Naturism on Cres & Krk

Naturist camping for visitors to Krk and Cres islands

Naturism camping in the Kvarner Bay where Krk island and Cres island are situated has traditionally been well served by four naturist campsites: Camping Politin (Krk town), Camping Konobe (Punat), Camping Bunculuka (Baska) and Camping Baldarin (Punta Križa, island of Cres).
Each of these campsite's offers naturists a range of facilities consistent with modern day camping. Notably, Camping Politin, based 2 kilometres from Krk town (the second largest island town in Croatia), provides its guests easy access to that towns rich cultural and historic amenities; Camping Konobe is approximately 10 kilometres from Krk Town; Camping Bunculuka approximately 25 kilometres from Krk town; with Naturist Camping Baldarin closest to the busy and lively tourist resort town of Mali Losinj which is the largest island town in Croatia.

Camping Politin - now Camping Krk and a textile only campsite

Previously a naturist camp, Camping Politin has now been transformed into a family oriented textile campsite with many new features and renamed to Camping Krk. The campsite offers campers a secluded location in close proximity to the town of Krk. Although no longer a naturist camp, it still offers one nudist beach dedicated to naturists. The camp has a total guest capacity of 810 textile guests.

Naturist Camping Baldarin

For naturist guests that used to visit Politin, Naturist camping Baldarin, situated in Punta Križa on the island of Cres is an ideal alternate destination. The camp is the largest and most famous naturist campsite on the Island of Cres, situated away from the city crowds and is surrounded by natural landscapes which naturists tend to favor. Regular boat trips are organised from Baldarin to Mali Lošinj, the administrative center of the Island of Losinj and the largest island town in Croatia. With the camp's proximity to local attractions and sites, guests at the camp benefit from a wide range of available excursions. The total naturist capacity of camping Baldarin is 1200 guests.

More information

Naturist Camping Baldarin has recently introduced a range of new facilities, particularly aimed at childern's entertainment and sporting activities, details of which can be found by clicking this link: Investment in Naturist Camping Baldarin.

Click this link for more information about Camping Politin , now renamed Camping Krk and more about Camping Konobe and Camping Bunculuka.