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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

If you have a question about the campsite or the islands of Cres and Lošinj. Fill out the form below and post your question and we will do our best to respond as soon as possible.

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q/ Hallo, I have qustion. We are on way to your Camp. So if we have free place on living car? Thank you Michaela Sládková

, 03.09.2016

a/ There are free places in campsite Baldarin, on non parcelled area

Admin, 03.09.2016

q/ 1.From what I understand nudity is compulsory in the naturist section. But what if it gets a bit chilly in the evenings? 2. Is nudity allowed in the 'non nude' beach? 3. Is it possible to cook ones own food in the camp?

, 30.09.2015

1. In case of inclement weather all the guests are wearing clothes, when it is cold it is cold for naturist guests as well.
2. On the non-naturist beach you cannot go to the beach naked as it is not possible to go in the naturist beach with bathing suit.
3. It is allowed to cook inside the campsite.

Admin, 02.10.2015

q/ I'm going with some friends to the textile part of the camping because they're not so much into naturism. However, I'd like to hang out in the FKK side too and enjoy the other beaches. Is it possible to move between both parts of the camping (obviusly respecting the rules of each part in terms of clothing)? Thanks

, 20.07.2015

a/ It is possible to camp on the textile part of the camp and go to the beach on the naturist side of the camp, as you wrote respecting the rules for the naturist part of the camp and the beach, which means no clothing.

Admin, 21.07.2015

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