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q/ I'm going with some friends to the textile part of the camping because they're not so much into naturism. However, I'd like to hang out in the FKK side too and enjoy the other beaches. Is it possible to move between both parts of the camping (obviusly respecting the rules of each part in terms of clothing)? Thanks

DR, 20.07.2015

a/ It is possible to camp on the textile part of the camp and go to the beach on the naturist side of the camp, as you wrote respecting the rules for the naturist part of the camp and the beach, which means no clothing.

Admin, 21.07.2015

q/ Hello, should I book a tent places in advance, or do you have free places in any time (august)? Can you give us a discount price if we have got FKK international card? Thanks!

AK, 15.06.2015

a/ It is recommended that you make a reservation for parcelled pitches, especially in August. If you don't have a reservation you can always place your tent on non parcelled area (dark green area on a campsite map) of the campsite. Most of the time you can find a place for a tent, even in August.

Admin, 16.06.2015

q/ We have booked a place in the fkk section of the camp, spontaneously based on the fotos here on the homepage, some nude people some people with a cloth wrapped around and some with t-shirts on (as in restaurant). Today I found the houserules only to discover that clothing is forbidden on this part of the camp - although we do like to sunbathe and swim naked it may take a while to get used to walking around naked (This is our first time on a FKK camping place). Furthermore we have a daughter of 12 who feels a bit self conciouse. Is it going to be a problem if she perfers a bathing suite? Or if we, wear some light clothing because we have fair skin and burn easily in the sun?

JP, 31.07.2012

a/ As you have seen on the house rules, on the naturist side of the camp, it is normal to live in a tent, go in the toilet any specially on the beach naked. In the market, ambulance, restaurant and reception you go with clothes on. Even if we do understand that teenagers have some problems going naked, that can be a problem on the naturist side. We have every day more and more reclamation against people who are going with clothes. That does not mean you must be naked 24 hours a day, but also not be in clothes most of the time.
If camping naked is a problem that you should choose the other part of the campsite, the textile zone and than only go swimming on the other side.

Admin, 01.08.2012

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