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Hi Badarin. We spent a vacation there in summer of 2011. A beautiful place by the sea with a beautiful sea view . Relaxing weeks in peace. We met good people. See you soon.

, Germany, 10.7.2012.

I want to really commend campsite Badarin, where we are coming for 11 years and we always have a great time. We are looking forward to meeting you again.

, Slovenia, 29.6.2012.

We're coming for 13 years in the camp Badarin and we are always enthusiastic. The landscape is beautiful, intact and original. The sea is beautiful and there are lots of opportunities for walking and hiking. It is very quiet and for us it is the best place for vacation and relaxation. Sanitary facilities are well equipped and constantly clean. The staff that we know for a long time is always friendly and ready to help. Shop and restaurant meet the needs for good food. We look forward to the next camping holiday in BALDARIN

, Germany, 1.1.2012.

There are many great destinations. Camp Baldarin is one of these. Relaxation, peace, leave your concerns at home. This year we are coming for the fourth time and are looking forward to it. Not for people who want evening entertainment, but for those who know what are they going to do in harmony with nature in order to relax.

, Germany, 8.5.2011.

Camp Badarin is great because of its location and calmness, but there are some things to fix, such as store and number of showers in the textile part. Definitely it is necessary to improve accommodation in some places, control of some guests who are particularly annoying and too many dogs are not on a leash. The place is beautiful, and with a good reputation. It quickly became popular and now it’s overcrowded. I come to the camp for 5 years.

, Italy, 1.9.2010.

Greetings to the whole BALDARIN team. 5 more days and then we’re there for the 7th consecutive time. Really looking forward to it. We will enjoy beautiful and peaceful holiday as every time

, Germany, 4.8.2010.

Hello everyone. We spent our last 3 summers in BALDARIN and we enjoyed it. All toilets are super clean and constantly clean by the tireless cleaning staff. The feeling is great, even if you went up a lot compared to last year.

, Germany, 7.11.2008.

Hi Badarin team, we were in Baldarin in August of 2007th and it was really wonderful. We hope to see you in 2009th

, Germany, 15.9.2008.

Thanks to the entire camp Baldarin staff. It was like every year, a great, relaxing and peaceful holiday. My family is looking forward to next summer with you. Pozrdav, Andreas, Marc, Paul + Carl.

, Germany, 14.8.2008.

We have spent memorable vacations in BALDARIN. While you’re there, you forget everything, just peace, sea and relaxation. I like your website. All praise. I will certainly come again.

, Slovenia, 3.8.2008.

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